Privacy and Use



Cookie: English term used to designate file stored in browsers to facilitate the identification of the user who accessed certain web page above. Widely used by the database of sites to customize routines for each Internet user;

IP: Internet Protocol, is the Internet protocol that identifies, locates and connects between computers connected to the Internet by assigning a "port number", which corresponds to an identity number.

URL: Uniform Resource Location of English, or Uniform Resource Location, is the standard Internet address names. Each page should have a URL itself for easy access.

Portal: Set HTML pages with information on products and services online and conventional differential comprising a single environment. The Portal includes or may encompass the institutional content, online services and the services of care and loyalty.

Site: Set of information available on the Internet, individual, institution, company, etc.., Belonging to a same address (URL) and generally dealing with specific subject.

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Cadastral Data Privacy and Treatment of Information
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