Drama as Rhetoric/Rhetoric as Drama

Drama as Rhetoric/Rhetoric as Drama

This volume explores the fascinating aesthetic and social connection
between drama and rhetoric.

Inasmuch as drama seeks to keep an audience engaged, it takes on rhetorical
qualities; likewise, rhetorical endeavor may employ dramatic appeal. Centuries
ago, Aristotle's companion pieces The Rhetoric and The Poetic
generated crosscurrents of critical thought about rhetorical and dramatic
theory. Recently, such critic-theorists as Kenneth Burke, Ernest Bormann,
Elder Olson, Paul de Man, and others have stirred up these currents afresh.
The contributors to this volume take provocative new approaches to enduring

****Contents ****

Rhetorical Dimensions to the Drama: The Classical
Enthymeme and the Invention of Troping in Greek Drama, August W.
Theorizing the Spectacle: A Rhetorical Analysis of Tragic Recognition,
Tom Heeney
Exile and the Kingdom: Reason as Nightmare in the Aeschylean
, John Arthos

PART II: The Rhetorical in Renaissance and Neoclassical Drama

Epideictic Pastoral: Rhetorical Tensions in the Staging of Torquato Tasso's
, Maria Galli Stampino
Shakespeare's Rhetoric versus the Ideology
of Ian McKellen's Richard III
, George L. Geckle
And Now for Application:
Venice Preserv'd and the Rhetoric of Textual Application
, Odai Johnson

PART III: War, Politics, and the Drama
Federalist and Republican
Theatre in the 1790s
, Steve Wilmer
Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Rhetoric of
, Charles Wilbanks
Dario Fo's Angry Farce, Stanley Vincent Longman

PART IV: Contemporary Culture
Stain upon the Silence: Samuel
Beckett's Deconstructive Inventions
, Leigh Anne Howard
Still Angry after
All These Years: Performing the Language of HIV and the Marked Body in

The Normal Heart and The Destiny of Me, Peter Michael Pober

Title Drama as Rhetoric/Rhetoric as Drama
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